Welcome to DiAthegen

DiAthegen, LLC was formed July 1, 2001 with a mission to discover Growth, Obesity, Diabetes and Aging related genes and proteins that will result in novel therapeutics, therapeutic targets and diagnostics for the increasing population of obese individuals who are susceptible to becoming diabetic, and for our aging population in general.  Additionally, DiAthegen has licensed from Ohio University the ability to produce long acting recombinant therapeutics in the human Growth Hormone (hGH) field.  These molecules include hGH, hGH antagonists (A), insulin, prolactin, hGH releasing hormone, and somatostatin.  The ability to produce and use these types of long acting recombinant therapeutics will have a positive impact on the delivery of these drugs.

Our two lead molecules, hGH and hGHA (developed in collaboration with Drs. Marcia Kieliszewski and Jianfeng Xu at Ohio University), have shown an increase in serum half-life with increased biological activity.  Furthermore, our current research in the area of Growth, Obesity, Diabetes, and Aging has produced one validated therapeutic target with several others in the validation process.


In short, our mission is to:

  • Develop recombinant protein therapeutics with extended half life in the GH field.
  • Discover Growth/Obesity/Diabetes/Aging (GODA) related genes and proteins.
  • Generate therapeutics to halt the progression of end organ damage and complications in the GODA area.
  • Generate therapeutic targets to which drugs can be discovered in the GODA area.
  • Generate diagnostics that predict the progression from the obese state to that of diabetes or that of aging.